The people of Skandinavian Bar are what make all the difference. Here, people dancing to the music!

When it comes to party there is no other better place than Mykonos Town. Here are just a few of the top reasons:

1. The Perfect Location. Mykonos Town (Chora) is the capital of Mykonos where all the landmarks like the Windmills, Little Venice, Paraportiani Church, Old Port (Gialos), Museums and of course that characteristic cycladic architecture with the traditional cubic houses, wooden colored doors and windows.

2. You’ll be surrounded by incredible restaurants, Bars, shopping, and more. Mykonos Town has over than 50 bars and nightclubs for every taste in a short walking distance.

3. The Energy. Once you join Mykonos town you will immediately feel it! (Nothing But Smiles)

4. The Meeting Point. Mykonos Town is a vibrant place that starts in the early morning till late at night.
The first meetings begin with the locals at the old port that they gather to Mykonos Town either to have their morning coffee or buying their fresh fish and vegetables.
While you are there to have your breakfast don’t forget to interact with them by saying “Kalimera”, you will get all the insider tips you need for your day like beach etc.
After the whole Town is awaking shops are opening, bars are preparing for another blowout night and travelers are heading to the beach.
Right before the sunset Mykonos Town is getting vibrant once again people are gathering to watch the sunset, have dinner and Party all night long.

5. Of course in Mykonos Town you can relax as well! Feel free to explore the little alleys and have an early aperitivo in one of our bars.

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